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Three Reasons Technology Changes are Good for Business

There are very few things that can positively affect multiple facets of your business at once. Usually, the impact of changes made to your business is segregated by department, function, position, or service. In other words, these changes don’t have what it takes to influence other areas of your business. However, this isn’t always the […]

Common Misconceptions about Phishing Attacks

The sending and receiving of malicious emails is a cyber-threat that all businesses should be on the lookout for. But, unfortunately, what most professionals know to be true about phishing attacks, isn’t always the most accurate information out there. Here are four things that might happen within a phishing attack that most people don’t realize […]

9 Reasons Employees Are Your Biggest Security Threat

With more and more data breaches happening to companies each year, many organizations are surprised to find out their weaknesses came from the inside. Your employees are hard workers with more than enough experience to get the job done. So where’s the problem? Here are nine reasons your employees are potentially your biggest security threat. […]

Everyday Data Loss: 4 Ways Your Data Will Leave You

Tornadoes, hurricanes, and fires aren’t the only things that can forcefully rip data out of your business. Data loss can happen to any business, at any time, for a variety of completely random and entirely “everyday” reasons. Here are 4 everyday situations that will play the most magical disappearing act on your data.   Accidents […]

Tech Terms to Know in the Modern Business World

Tech terms are everywhere, and it seems like everyone uses them nonstop. But do they actually know what they mean …? Do you…? If not, here are a few tech terms every modern business professional should be familiar with. Learn what each term means and pick up a few conversation starters in the process. Cloud […]

Great Apps to Track Down a Lost or Stolen Phone

Smartphone have become an essential part of our everyday lives. Not only because it’s a collection of apps, photos, messages, and contacts that make up his or her digital life, but it’s also a large chunk of money… anywhere from $200 – $1200! Because of this, losing a phone can be an awfully traumatic experience. […]