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Everyday Habits that Leave You Vulnerable Online

You use the same password for multiple accounts You already know that your passwords should be strong, duh. But besides using long combinations of random numbers, letters, and symbols, you should also make each password you use unique to that account. If you use the same password for multiple accounts, a hacker who gains access […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Staff Mobile and Secure

These days, work doesn’t just happen from nine to five. With smartphones and other devices, business happens 24/7. As a boss, it’s important to foster mobility—but, at the same time, boundaries should be established to keep your data as secure as possible.   Even if you don’t supply your staff with company devices or require […]

4 easy steps to protect yourself from ransomware

Make sure everything is up-to-date and patched to the most recent version   Ransomware searches for vulnerabilities in your software and operating system to find a way in and carry out its malicious plans. The WannaCry ransomware discovered a security hole in the Windows operating system and used it to spread across networks.   Vulnerabilities […]

What it Costs to Hire an IT Professional

You’ve probably thought about hiring an IT person at some point, and for good reason. The business world is becoming so reliant on technology that any network slowness or downtime can really impact your team’s efficiency, your client satisfaction, and your overall bottom line. But since technology is so precious (and expensive), the cost of […]

3 Ways to Enforce an Internet Culture at Work

It’s safe to assume that you want your staff to be more productive and efficient when at work. It may also be safe to assume that you’ve seen your employees waste a lot of time on the internet when they should be working instead. They’ll waste time on Facebook, stream movies on Netflix, order stuff […]

Why It’s Important to Have a BYOD Policy

Because mobility and accessibility are crucial to your competitive edge, you don’t have the option to eliminate all those connected devices accessing your company database and sensitive client information. BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, is a major security concern for businesses of all types. Here are a few good tips to keep your data […]

The Easiest Way to Master Dropbox

As you probably already know, Dropbox has achieved its reputation by providing a simple solution: as long as you have an internet connection, you can get almost instant access to your files on any device, anytime, anywhere. However, even today, some people are still unaccustomed to storing their personal data in the cloud. Your precious […]

How to Remember to Use All Those Apps You Download

Many people see smartpho Many people see smartphone apps as the end-all be-all of their productivity challenges. If I download this app and that app, maybe I’ll finally get my to-do list sorted out. Maybe I’ll even look at it after I create it. Wouldn’t that be something? But, unfortunately, most of us go about […]